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2008 BMW MOA Elections

Greg Feeler: candidate for BMW MOA Vice President


You are likely here because you followed the link from my Position Statement in the April, 2008 Owners News. If you got here by othe means, maybe you need to sharpen your Google skills. :-)

I’m a candidate in this year’s election for the position of BMW MOA Vice President. This site is to give you an idea of why I’m seeking that office and what you can expect from me if I’m elected. There’s information here about my qualifications, both as a volunteer and professionally, the ‘MOA Board committees, our By Laws, and a bit of history about myself. My Position Statement is here as well, but the 500 word limit makes it very hard to say much beyond platitudes. To make an informed decision in this election and about the future of our Club, you need more information than that.

There are a number of reasons I’m running for Vice President. The first is to continue my work to give you more information about the operation of our organization. Over the last year I’ve help start a new series of articles in the Owners News called “From The Board”. This is a series of six columns, one each from the Board standing committees, the Executive Director and Media Editor. Each is to explain in a straight foreword way the actives of these groups and what they mean to you as a member. A related initiative is to have all the Board standing committees submit written reports for each Board meeting. These reports will then be published on our web site as a supplement to the official Board meeting minutes.

One of the responsibilities of the Vice President is to organize the agenda for each Board meeting. It is my intention the make the agendas for upcoming meetings available as far in advance as possible. In practice, meeting agendas do not provide a lot of information, but when combined with the prior meeting’s minutes, committee reports, and “From The Board” columns, they help inform you of the continuity and priorities of the Board’s work.

The BMW MOA was started over 35 years ago in a time well before the Internet, e-mail, forums, and all the other means of instant access to information. Our members now have access to a literal world of information that was unimaginable then, and I believe the BMW MOA needs to use current technology to meet the expectations of our members for openness, information, and transparency.

A follow on from the idea of openness is my goal to encourage more members to participate in our club. For various reasons, there is an idea that the BMW MOA is run by a closed group. Nothing could be further from the truth, but I can see how that idea could appear to have some validity. In the “old days” communications were not what they are today and those who volunteered to help run the club got to know each other well. When the time came for someone to assume a key volunteer position, or run for the Board, it was this pool of proven workers who often supplied the candidates. Other than the Owners News, there was little way for an invitation to be extended to the members at large. Those times are behind us, and now we can communicate with any member, or group of members, who want to make a positive change to the organization. It is the duty of the key volunteers and Board members to assist interested members in advancing their ideas or becoming volunteers in key positions. This is your club to the extent you want to take ownership of some piece of it. Not everyone wants to, and that’s just fine, but for those who do we need to make it clear that new hands and ideas are not just welcome but needed.

Our Chartered Clubs are the backbone of the BMW motorcycle community and the BMW MOA needs to do all it can to help the clubs grow. One of my projects is to make the BMW MOA’s on-line event registration system available to the Chartered Clubs for use with their local rallies. This will save them a great deal of work and make registration easier for attendees who can register securely on-line. We are in our second year of testing of this process, and indications are good that we’ll be able to offer this to the clubs for the 2009 rally season.

The Vice President needs to work closely with the President and other Board members to do the work of the organization. This requires the ability to consider other’s views and seek common ground. I think I’m pretty good at finding good solutions to complex problems, and building consensus.

Finally, the Vice President needs to be able and willing to assume the duties of the President if he or she is ever unable to complete their duties or continue in their office. I have served for five years on the Board and that experience has given me a good insight into the needs and priorities of our club. If needed, I believe I can fulfill those duties.

There are many other issues facing the ‘MOA, and I welcome your feedback, comments, or questions. Please contact me by e-mail if you’d like me to answer personally.

Elections for the Board of Directors should be about the future of our Association and how best our management can serve you. If given the chance I’ll do all I can to represent your interests by increasing the information flow between the Board and the members. I’ve enjoyed the privilege of serving you on the Board in the past and will appreciate being given that opportunity again.

- Greg Feeler


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