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Some Good Internet Roads to Ride

This is a very short list of some good links for the BMW rider. More will come over time, but if you’ve found yourself here, you’ve already likely found many other good sites. If you have some you think are especially good please e-mail them to me.


The Essential BMW Motorcycle Accessory:
BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA)

Join the 24/7 on-line “rally” with fellow BMW MOA members:

The “big email list” of BMW riders:
Internet BMW Riders (IBMWR)

For those who love classic “airhead” BMWs:
The Airheads Beemer Club (ABC)

Protect your right to ride:
The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)

Enjoy some of the West’s best riding:
Bavarian Mountain West Motorcycle Club (Idaho)

Click here to e-mail me:
Greg Feeler

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