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Position Statement

Position Statement
As Published in the April 2008 Owners News

I’m Greg Feeler and I’m running for the office of Vice President. I live in Boise, Idaho and started riding BMWs many years ago; joining BMW MOA soon after. Motorcycling was and is central to my life. I even took my first honeymoon on an R75/5, but today my K1200RS sees the most highway miles.

I’ve tried to give back to the sport that has given me so much. I helped found the (Idaho) Bavarian Mountain West Motorcycle Club (#50), am the current President, and also belong to several other BMW clubs including the IBMWR, Airheads, and Yankee Beemers. I’m a BMW MOA Ambassador, served as the BMW MOA Forum Administrator and on the Board of the BMW MOA Foundation, co-chaired the Cyber Café Committee for the 2007 Wisconsin Rally and will again for Gillette in 2008. I represent BMW rider interests on the Idaho Governor’s Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council, co-chaired the 2005 BMW RA Rally, and coordinated “The Peaks of America Tour”.

In my expiring term I’m also the Chair of the Board’s Communications & Marketing Committee. I’m running for re-election to the Board in a new office as Vice President to continue my work to make an ‘MOA membership an even better value.

I’ve championed increased communications between the Board and the members. The new “From The Board” column in the Owners News is one tangible result, as is the publication of Board Committee reports on the ‘MOA web site. Still, there is more we can do to use the Forum and our other electronic media in this area.

In the marketing arena the ‘MOA is competing with many more real and virtual motorcycle organizations, and needs to sharpen it’s “brand image” along with enhancing member benefits. We also need to continue our outreach to new members, especially younger riders. I support our sponsorship of additional alternative events like riding schools, winter “rallies”, and cooperative activities with BMW Motorrad USA. We can add these new benefits while staying true to our core values.

In my professional life I’m the Information Technology Manager for a national business services company. I have and will use those skills to help the ‘MOA move ahead in our use of on-line services, the Internet, and technology in general. This includes continued support for the ‘MOA Forum, as well as needed improvements to our membership software system, and making on-line local rally registration available to our Chartered Clubs through the ‘MOA web site.

Although these Position Statements are pretty limited, if you like my ideas above I will appreciate your vote. However, I encourage the curious to possibly read more at my web site:, but especially visit the special Election sub-forum on the ‘MOA Forum at Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as BMW MOA Vice President.

- Greg Feeler, BMW MOA #2241

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