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Volunteer & Professional Resume

It’s fair to ask about someone’s qualifications for office. For those who want to know what I bring to the table, here’s a very brief outline of some of the things I’ve done and am doing to help our sport, along with my professional background:

Volunteer motorcycle activities:

    • BMW MOA Ambassador
    • BMW MOA Board of Directors 2002~2005 & 2006 to present:
      • Helped design upgrades to our on-line electronic services
      • Lead development of the Media Plan revising our Media Department
    • BMW MOA Foundation Board member 2005~2006
    • Forum Administrator 2005~2007
    • Web Team member 2003~2007
    • Field Events Co-Chair Vermont 2006
    • Cyber Cafe Co-Chair Wisconsin 2007 and Gillette 2008
    • 19 year member

  • BMW RA
    • Co-chair of the 2007 BMW RA Rally in Boise, ID.

  • BMW MOA and BMW RA
    • Organized 2006 Peaks Of America Tour.
      • First ever event co-sponsored by both national BMW owner’s groups.

  • Idaho Governor’s Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council
    • Council member 2005~2010

  • Bavarian Mountain West Motorcycle Club (‘MOA #50, ‘RA #320)
    • Founding member
    • Current President
    • Former News Letter Editor


Professional experience

  • 20+ years in the Information Technology industry
  • Information Technology Manager for a national company with $450,000,000 in gross revenues
  • 6 years Information Systems design and sales
  • BBA degree in Computer Information Systems
  • Extensive professional experience in project management, user needs analysis, network and telecommunications design, and systems development.
  • Dale Carnegie graduate
  • 10+ years experience in non-IT direct sales


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